Saturday, May 30, 2015

exponentielle Altruismus! Nova Confoederatio Helvetica!

Nova Confoederatio Helvetica

exponential altruism 
altruismo exponencial
altruisme exponentielle
 exponentielle Altruismus


The embassy of Orgetorix to the Sequani and the (H)aedui to confirm peace and friendship with nearby peoples. (Orgetorix himself undertook the mission.)
Map by Walter Schmit for the series "Scriptores Antiqui Romani Imaginibus Ornati" (Ernest Klett Schulbuchverlag, 1991)

Heredity pride without self loathing nor elitism

I have tilted the white cross on a blood red (the lower charka) background 45 degrees to an "X" and put a green background (center heart chakra) instead in a circle as a flag of both pride for my Swiss heritage and disownership for modern Switzerland. Principles of a better greater New Helvetia and Alemannic / Germanic homeland detailed by Sepp Hozer true "Blut und Boden" geht es nicht um Nazis / true "blood and soil" is not about Nazis
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