Friday, April 17, 2015

dialog of youtube comments to my video

+zendros I've never been to Switzerland and never met Sean in person (only online) so I really don't know much. I wrote about what I'm suspicious about in the blog My heritage is half Swiss German, the other half is unknown mix of white hispanic and 1/8 American Indian. I am 1 of possibly hundreds of great grandchildren of my last Swiss ancestor born in Switzerland by the name of Caroline Flueckiger who was a Mennonite refugee as with other ancestors of mine.   Sean is definitely disrespecting my heritage. I do not appreciate Sean disrespecting my heritage, but there are some things Sean Hross is absolutely correct about dark chapters in Switzlerand's history: #1 Switzerland was once a Mercenary State! #2 Switzerland once hated and persecuted Anabaptists. #3 Switzerland hoarded Nazi gold #4 And the corporations of Syngenta and Nestle and others do a lot of terrible things like GMO, toxic chemicals and Monoculture! Being a prostitute for murder for some Aristocracy is wrong, Sean seems to have blind hatred for Switzerland in frantic defense of his own children and family. I don't believe he's a real Doctor but that's not what bothers me. What bothers me is his personal story is sad and his children are in jeopardy and I am left conflicted with some of my heritage that needs to be changed for the better and redeemed. has links to Organic Permaculture movements such as Sepp Holzer. I have tilted the white cross on a blood red (the lower charka) background 45 degrees to an "X" and put a green background (center heart chakra) instead in a circle as a flag of both pride for my Swiss heritage and disownership for modern Switzerland. Principles of a better greater New Helvetia and Alemannic / Germanic homeland detailed by Sepp Hozer true "Blut und Boden" geht es nicht um Nazis / true "blood and soil" is not about Nazis

+zendros This series of videos about Hopi prophecy claims there was a time when 4 different "Guardian races" settled in mountain regions of the world and were give "stone tablets" that were never to be thrown on the ground. He says tells of each Guardian race representing 1 of 4 elements: White European = Fire, Africa = Water East ASia= Air, and America = Earth. Interesting. I believe there is some truth to Alpine peoples having great power by virtue of living in mountains that can be used for good or evil:

+spiralcosmosart 1.“Swiss” Mercenaries This was during the time of the Old Swiss Confederation, or Eidgenossenschaft. The practice of fighting as a paid profession was very popular throughout Europe at this time of history. The fighters from the Eidgenossenschaft were reknown throughout Europe as being some of the best infantry there was. Is killing bad? - Generally yes. Is killing for money any different than killing for free? - I don't think so. In the historical context of that period was it wrong to be a professional fighter? - I don't think so. Was this the Switzerland of today? - No, obviously not. "Switzerland“ was never a "mercenary state“! From the mid-1800's the practice of contracting out as a mercenary was banned by the Swiss Constitution. 2. Switzerland once hated and persecuted Anabaptists Yes, there was a period of about 100 – 130 years where the Anabaptists, were persecuted by both Catholics and Protestants throughout western and central-western Europe. Was this a good thing? - Of course not! Was this persecution only in the geographical area today known as Switzerland? - No. Was this the Switzerland of today? - No.  3. Switzerland hoarded Nazi gold During WW2 Switzerland was surrounded by Nazi armies and territory. It's options were to either surrender and become part of the Nazi empire, or to try it's damnedest to remain as independent as possible. This period of time was in constant flux, with both the Allies and the Nazi's seeking to punish Switzerland if it traded with either side. For historical, geographical and logical reasons Switzerland was hugely dependent on Germany for it's food, energy and raw materials supply, and so continued trade with Germany was obviously necessary. Switzerland bought gold from both the Nazi's and Allies, and in fact bought almost twice as much from the Allies. The reason for this was that the Swiss Franc was one of the only currencies still freely trade-able in the world at this time, and both sides of the war used it to their advantage! The Swiss were walking an extremely fine line here with constant threat of a Nazi invasion looming. But the Swiss also used their needed railway line between Germany and Italy as leverage against the Nazi's and completely banned the transportation of any arms or soldiers through the Swiss territories. Switzerland also received more refugees from war-torn Europe than many other nations who were a lot better off, although the German Jews should probably have been allowed to enter more freely. So, should Switzerland have totally stuck it to the Nazi's and bring about the invasion of the country, which may have had horrible consequences for post-ww2 Europe and which would have undoubtedly led to many hundreds-of-thousands more people, Jews and refugees and Swiss, being killed? Switzerland played an integral role in being a thorn in the side of the Nazi's – the overwhelming majority of Swiss people, and government, were wholly opposed to Nazism, and Swiss media was reknown for it's picking apart of Nazi ideologies and exposing the horrors of Nazi ideology and Hitler's application of it. So, to me simply stating “Switzerland hoarded Nazi gold” is a bit simplistic to say the least. 4. Syngenta and Nestle and others do a lot of terrible things like GMO, toxic chemicals and Monoculture! This is certainly true. Though what it has to do with Switzerland per-se I am not too sure. These are Swiss companies, but if anyone knows anything about the general Swiss attitude towards GMO's and such it would be clear that these corporations are nothing but the unfortunate product of captialism – nothing “Swiss” about it. 5. “I don't believe he's a real Doctor but that's not what bothers me.” Actually it bothers me. Mainly because he represented himself to the Krone Zeitung (Austrian Newsagency) as “Historiker Dr. Sean Hross aus Bern” in a very high-profile criminal case in Switzerland. Sean Hross basically implicated the Swiss authorities at the highest levels of being complicit in the death-by-suicide of this Austrian man, Wolfgang U. - and he made these accusations as “ Historiker Dr. Sean Hross aus Bern”. This is why it greatly bothers me. 6. “What bothers me is his personal story is sad and his children are in jeopardy...” Well this is what I am trying to get down to the bottom of. ARE his children REALLY in “jeopardy”? Why is he in such deep shit with the Swiss authorities and why is he not trying to clean up his act and get these matters sorted out the civilized and amicable way? If it's one thing the Swiss generally hate, and can smell from a mile away, it's time-wasters and bullshitters – and I am quite certain Sean Hross is both these things. Take for instance the trouble he is in … as I understand it he is being told by the Swiss authority to cooperate and remove certain, selective, videos, or portions of videos, which he is the original creator of, from YouTube. Why doesn't he comply? As far as I understand it, the Swiss authority is not asking him to remove all his videos, neither are they demanding that he stop ranting on about all that Pharaoh-bloodlines nonsense etc – they couldn't give a crap about that stuff. But they are asking him to deal with the defamatory material he has posted about the police officer and others dealing with personal vendetta attacks on his videos. But Sean Hross gives out this idea to the world that this is about freedom of speech and freedom of expression --- Your right to speak freely stops when you are running around making false accusations about specific people to the general public!! - And Sean Hross seems to be completely oblivious to this well-known fact! So why doesn't he just level with the authority of the nation he is living!? - My guess is that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it come to this guys issues with authority!
In at least one of his videos he shows his date of birth while shuffling through paperwork. Find it yourself if you care to find it. Sean Hross is a proud sun sign Leo in Western Astrology (if that means anything to you), also born with the North Node (Dragon's head in Leo) he's an attention monger by design and destiny. Since a lot of astrological software tends to use "Swiss ephemeris", the whole emblem and flag with equal lateral square symmetry, Octogon, which is all very Saturnian, it seems there is something about Swiss culture that is quite determined to keep track of time and the movement of the universe. So maybe you find Astrology useful? you write "Sean Hross basically implicated the Swiss authorities at the highest levels of being complicit in the death-by-suicide of this Austrian man,Wolfgang U. - and he made these accusations as “ HistorikerDr. Sean Hross aus Bern”. This is why it greatly bothers me."

I don't care what self proclaimed titles he calls himself like he needs some kind of accredited academic credentials or lack thereof to call oneself "a historian" or "a professional" or even a Doctor. I am "Doctor Dominique Beatnik" as a spoof. IF SEAN IS TELLING THE TRUTH about his experiences as a victim of abuses of power, especially all the political prisoners, torture, Oxygen (O2 deprivation), then his methods teach me a lot about both how not to and how to effectively whistle blow against all odds.